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Vibrant and Colourful

“This book is special in many ways with its illustrations and vibrant characters. It’s a story of perseverance, friendship and community. At the heart of this delightful educational children’s book showcases the importance of hemp history and how powerful of an influence it is for all earth’s creatures big and small. I’m so glad that it was shared with me.” 

Dan Herer, Son of legendary hemp activist Jack Herer, 
Founder at Herer Group and Director of the Jack Herer Foundation

A Delight for All Ages

“A fun story book of the amazing adventures of a little hempseed in hemp world land. Fun metaphors of life's journeys told through the mighty hempseed.  The lovely animal illustrations will surely delight young and old alike.”

John Roulac, Founder of Nutiva

Adventurous and Magical

“Tuck your kids into bed and read them Everyone Loves Trallala.  Who knew the life of a tiny hempseed could be so curious, adventurous and magical for kids while exposing them to the joys of farm life through beautiful illustrations and lovable farm animals.”

Adam Eidinger, Cannabis Activist

An Unforgettable Story

“Adventuring with Trallala the smart and thoughtful hempseed, and her friends in Hempland is a magical and whimsical journey that no matter your age, leaves a smile on your face. This vivid tale has valuable life lessons plus fun-filled education about the countless benefits of the hemp plant and living in harmony with nature. This interactive tale shows that through friendship we can overcome obstacles within ourselves and that with good friends we can solve tough problems. Trallala is a beloved book for all ages that tickles the heart, sparks laughter, and is enhanced by illustrations that bring the characters to life. This is an unforgettable story that will be treasured on many bookshelves!’ 

Anna Owen, HPS Food & Ingredients

Great Way to Teach Kids About Hemp

“Everyone Loves Trallala is a fun way to teach children about the many ways the hemp plant can be used. As I read this book, I was thinking of the lessons I could do in a classroom. The book could be used for a science lesson combined with teaching how to be a good friend by being kind, helpful, and accepting each other’s differences. The questions presented for discussion throughout make it easy to interact with a child while reading. Trallala and other characters in the book are so cute I found myself smiling many times!”

Morgan Helms, Certified Elementary School Teacher

Highly Recommended Read

“Introducing young readers to a superfood like hemp is a great idea, and the work of Anndrea Hermann and team in the English version of the Markus J. Altenfels and Roswitha Mayr book, Everyone Loves Trallala: The Exciting Journey of a Little Hempseed, have done a splendid job at it. Through uplifting storytelling that weaves fictional narrative with hemp facts, charming illustrations (by Rooobert Bayer) and questions posed to readers within the story, we follow the young seed Trallala through her farmyard journey to the field of singing flowers. Along the way we learn of hemp's food and industrial applications, and end in a literal smile, where Trallala grows into a healthy, robust, seed producing plant herself. A highly recommended read for families.” 

Doug Fine, Author, American Hemp Farmer and Hemp Bound

A Delightful Story

“Everyone Loves Trallala is a delightful story of a hempseed named Trallala who embarks on a journey of friendship and fun. My favourite part is when Gloria said, “Happy friends make happy endings.” It is truly a remarkable children’s book that will be a historic treasure about a remarkable plant.” 

Jennifer Soltys, Mom, Cowgirl and Hempster

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