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This book review document encourages children to practise word skills, such as recognizing story line, storytelling, writing, spelling, timeline of events and own thoughts. It can help develop your child’s own final vocabulary of how they read between the lines of the book and life. 

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These cards help to retell the storyline with your children and to further discuss what happened in each part of the story. You can cut out the image and description boxes together or apart.

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Find and circle all of the words that are hidden in the grid. The words may be hidden in any direction. Cognitive games such as word search and other puzzles can help improve memory, focus, concentration, vocabulary, and overall mental acuity while stimulating brain development.

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You can play this game a few different ways or you can make up your own game on how to use the cards!

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Downloadable game board and rules. Find the route to the Field of the Singing Flowers. 



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