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Endorsements for Chapter Book

"This book is special in many ways with its illustrations and vibrant characters. It’s a story of perseverance, friendship and community. At the heart of this delightful educational children’s book showcases the importance of hemp history and how powerful of an influence it is for all earth’s creatures big and small. I’m so glad that it was shared with me."

Dan Herer

Son of legendary hemp activist Jack Herer, Founder at Herer Group  

and Director of the Jack Herer Foundation

"A fun story book of the amazing adventures of a little hempseed in hemp world land. Fun metaphors of life's journeys told through the mighty hempseed.  The lovely animal illustrations will surely delight young and old alike."

John Roulac,

Founder of Nutiva

“Tuck your kids into bed and read them Everyone Loves Trallala.  Who knew the life of a tiny hempseed could be so curious, adventurous and magical for kids while exposing them to the joys of farm life through beautiful illustrations and lovable farm animals.”

Adam Eidinger

Cannabis Activist

"Adventuring with Trallala the smart and thoughtful hempseed, and her friends in Hempland is a magical and whimsical journey that no matter your age, leaves a smile on your face. This vivid tale has valuable life lessons plus fun-filled education about the countless benefits of the hemp plant and living in harmony with nature. This interactive tale shows that through friendship we can overcome obstacles within ourselves and that with good friends we can solve tough problems. Trallala is a beloved book for all ages that tickles the heart, sparks laughter, and is enhanced by illustrations that bring the characters to life.

This is an unforgettable story that will be treasured on many bookshelves!"

Anna Owen,

HPS Food & Ingredients

"Everyone Loves Trallala is a fun way to teach children about the many ways the hemp plant can be used.

As I read this book, I was thinking of the lessons I could do in a classroom. The book could be used for a science lesson combined with teaching how to be a good friend by being kind, helpful, and accepting each other’s differences. The questions presented for discussion throughout make it easy to interact with a child while reading. Trallala and other characters in the book are so cute I found myself smiling many times!"

Morgan Helms,

Certified Elementary School Teacher

“Introducing young readers to a superfood like hemp is a great idea, and the work of Anndrea Hermann and team in the English version of the Markus J. Altenfels and Roswitha Mayr book, Everyone Loves Trallala: The Exciting Journey of a Little Hempseed, have done a splendid job at it. Through uplifting storytelling that weaves fictional narrative with hemp facts, charming illustrations (by Rooobert Bayer) and questions posed to readers within the story, we follow the young seed Trallala through her farmyard journey to the field of singing flowers. Along the way we learn of hemp's food and industrial applications, and end in a literal smile, where Trallala grows into a healthy, robust, seed producing plant herself. A highly recommended read for families.” 

Doug Fine,

Author, American Hemp Farmer and Hemp Bound

“Everyone Loves Trallala is a delightful story of a hempseed named Trallala who embarks on a journey of friendship and fun. My favourite part is when Gloria said, “Happy friends make happy endings.” It is truly a remarkable children’s book that will be a historic treasure about a remarkable plant.” 

Jennifer Soltys,

Mom, Cowgirl and Hempster

Endorsements Abridged Version – English – Trallala’s Journey to the Field of the Singing Flowers

“Trallala the tiny hemp seed makes a big splash on the farm where she makes new friends on her journey to becoming a hemp plant. Anndrea Hermann — a pioneer in the U.S. hemp industry — is now pioneering an important step in the journey to mainstream education; Teaching our youngest generation about the joy and love that can spring from each and every plant — if we only choose to accept the immense value of one tiny little seed.” 

Katie Moyer,

A Mother, Businesswomen, Founder of Kentucky Hemp Works and President of the Kentucky Hemp Association.

Trallala is an adventurous story of a hemp seed, symbolic of our own personal journey through discovery of identity and following a dream in life. It touches on the value of friendship and a message that we are better together and that it will be better than we can imagine, even if we get muddy. After all the most revered, spiritual, beautiful flower in existence, the lotus, grows out of the mud and muck. 

The significance is even more moving as the publisher, Anndrea, is a human that I trust and respect personally and professionally. She is a visionary that may be a bit fashion-forward in the hemp revolution. The system refers to her as Legacy and I add Legit! She has walked the path of the seed which she writes about! Love the learning and lessons that surround all this woman does. I read this to the kids and it opens so many paths of discussion. Love it!"

Franny Tacy,

An Educator and Founder and CEO,  Franny's Farm & Franny's Farmacy

Trallala the Tiny Hemp Seed's journey is a beautiful blend of friendship, life on a farm and introducing hemp to our young ones in such an understable and fun way. Anndrea has always been an incredible teacher and there is no one better to introduce this great plant to our next generation than her!"

Henry Valles,

Father, Real Estate Broker and Founder of Hemp Building Ventures

“This is an excellent sequel to the young children's book, Everyone Loves Trallala. The colorful and fun illustrations of the journey of this little hempseed will entertain and inform kids about farm life and friendship. Children will love this enchanting tale and undoubtedly will call for multiple read-along rereadings.”

Paul Stanford,

A Father, Businessman, Founder of Campaign for the Restoration 

and Regulation of Hemp and President THCF Medical Clinics

“A fantastic read for any toddler! This book and illustration leads the reader through how easily a little seed can transform from a grain and move around the land, planting itself into a new field as its own plant. The seed's journey is met with fascinating characters that teach the reader about various animals and life on the farm as well as introduces hemp to a new age of youth. A must read for anyone!”

Annie Rouse,

MBA/MA, Founder of Think Hempy Thoughts and a U.S. Fulbright Scholar

Endorsements Abridged Version – French Canadian / Avenants Version abrégée - Canadien français – Les aventures de Trallala

““Trallala nous transporte vers les champs de la biodiversité, de l’amitié et de la puissance des petites graines provenant du chanvre : une plante à usages multiples qui nourrit, habille et fait du bien!”

Antonious Petro,

 Directeur, Régénération Canada

Trallala takes us to the fields of biodiversity, friendship and the power of the little seeds that come from hemp: a multipurpose plant that feeds, clothes and feels good!"

Antonious Petro,

Director, Regeneration Canada

"J'ai apprécié retrouver le vrai nom des animaux et des fleurs qui sont présentés dans le livre. Ayant une formation plus axée sur la biologie, j'apprécie que mes enfants apprennent le vrai nom des plantes et des animaux!"

Élizabeth Vigeant,

Maman, Coordonnatrice de la Société écocitoyenne de Montréal

“I enjoyed finding the real names of the animals and flowers that are featured in the book. Having a background in biology, I appreciate my children learning the real names of plants and animals!” 

Élizabeth Vigeant,

Mom, Coordinator of the Société écocitoyenne de Montréal

"Je suis particulièrement heureux que les jeunes puissent découvrir tôt cette merveilleuse plante, le chanvre dans un contexte amusant, sans prétention pédagogique; simplement attirer leur attention sur cette plante aux multiples usages. Je suis un producteur de chanvre depuis 17 ans maintenant, je produis des graines, de la semence. J'en mange de toutes les façons : dans mon pain, mes céréales, en huile, en tisane, en bière, en tartinade... et je crois que l'on à pas fini de lui trouver des usages, à suivre!"

Jacques Dallaire,

Grand-père, agriculteur et producteur de chanvre depuis 2006

“I am particularly happy that young people can discover early this wonderful plant, hemp in a fun context, without pedagogical pretensions; simply to draw their attention to this plant with multiple uses. I have been a hemp farmer for 17 years now, producing seeds. I eat it in all kinds of ways: in my bread, my cereals, in oil, in herbal tea, in beer, in spreads... and I believe that we are not done finding uses for it, to be continued!”

Jacques Dallaire,

Grandfather, farmer and hemp producer since 2006

"Je suis heureux de recommander le livre 'Les aventures de Trallala' d'Anndrea Hermann, une pionnière de l'industrie du chanvre qui m'a inspiré il y a 10 ans lorsque j'ai commencé à travailler avec le chanvre. Cette histoire est une excellente introduction pour les enfants à l'agriculture durable et à la valeur du chanvre. Les illustrations sont magnifiques et j'espère que ce livre inspirera les jeunes générations à en apprendre davantage sur le potentiel du chanvre pour l'avenir. En tant que père de deux filles, je suis fier de soutenir ce livre et je suis convaincu qu'il sera une merveilleuse addition à la bibliothèque de tout enfant."

Dany Lefebvre,

CEO Chanv Soins de la peau 

“I am delighted to recommend the book 'The Adventures of Trallala' by Anndrea Hermann, a pioneer in the hemp industry who inspired me when I first started working with hemp 10 years ago. This story is an excellent introduction for children to sustainable agriculture and the value of hemp. The illustrations are beautiful, and I hope this book will inspire young generations to learn more about the potential of hemp for the future. As a father of two girls, I am proud to support this book, and I am confident it will be a wonderful addition to any child's library.”

Dany Lefebvre,

CEO Chanv Skincare

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