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Trallala is a hempseed, who lives on an organic farm called “Hempworld”. One sunny morning a friendly, elderly, black and white tomcat tells Trallala about the field of singing flowers on the farm. 

Trallala wants to visit this mysterious field; she pleads with the cat to take her there. And so begins an exciting adventure into the world of hemp. 

Trallala learns a lot about the amazing plant she will one day become. Her experiences with the animated characters on the farm remind her of how important it is to have good friends. 

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Trallala’s Journey to the

Field of the Singing Flowers

Trallala a little hempseed is sitting atop her tall plant in the field when she befriends an elderly tomcat passing by named Uncle Max. 

With the help of Uncle Max Trallala gets down from her plant and starts an eventful journey to ultimately find the amazing field of the singing flowers. On the farm she meets an array of interesting characters that teach Trallala about the meaning of friendship and being helpful.

In the end her farm friends - Gloria the piglet, Attila the chick and Uncle Max the old tomcat help Trallala make her home in the field where she grows into a strong mama hemp plant! 


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